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You can help protect the health care benefits of more than 15 million American seniors and individuals with disabilities by sharing a story about how Medicare Advantage affects you. Continue making a difference by telling your friends, family, caretaker and physician to join the efforts.

You can share your story with us in many ways:

  • Call (877) 587-3646 to be connected to one of your Senators
  • Join our Medicare Advantage Coalition
  • Write your story or upload your photo or video story in the form below
  • Send your story to us via email
  • Contact your member of Congress (See how they're voting on health care)

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Facts About Medicare Advantage
  • Medicare Advantage is a valuable source of coverage to low-income and minority Medicare beneficiaries. Learn more.
  • More than 15 million American seniors and individuals with disabilities depend on their Medicare Advantage plans.
  • Seniors and individuals with disabilities in Medicare Advantage are receiving better quality care. Learn more.
  • Medicare Advantage beneficiaries make up more than 29% of total Medicare enrollment and as much as 46% in some states. See state facts.
  • Medicare Advantage can significantly reduce seniors' and individuals with disabilities out-of-pocket costs.
  • Often Medicare Advantage plans include benefits not covered under regular Medicare, such as dental care, preventive care and vision care.

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